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My Coaching Compass Revisited

As the Student Centered Coaching certificate course drew to a close last week, I got the chance to go back to the compass I created a few months ago and consider how, and why, I had developed it. What was interesting to me was how my reading around coaching has changed over the last year, and particularly, the last two months. Why the subtle shift?

As I reflected on my coaching compass as a clear-cut image of my beliefs about coaching, I saw how much I had been influenced by teachers, and their needs. True, we work together for student growth, but recognising that the process of coaching is also about our growth as adults, as professionals, and as a collective, is really important to me. Our work is heart-work. We all deserve to feel like our growth and achievement is a priority in our schools: students, teachers, administrators, and coaches, alike.

Here is my "extended" coaching compass , with references attached.

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