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Fiona Hurtado


Welcome to my space to muse, question and share my coaching journey. For over 16 years I have been learning, teaching and coaching in 5 continents and exploring the international school experience with my two children. Whilst Australia is home, we relish the challenge of learning and living overseas, and the communities with whom we build permanent bonds. 


A few years ago I took on the role of a teaching and learning coach, working with all faculty Pre-K through 12 in an International School.  It completely changed my vision of what learning should be, spurred by the teachers I worked with who wanted more - more for their students, more for themselves, more for their profession.  I'm now at another school, and my ideas and thoughts of coaching continues to grow, moulded by context, people, and new ideas.    

I try my best to use my own photos - I often find metaphors in the world around me.


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