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Coaching - Partnership - Curriculum

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Hi, I'm Fiona,
a Learning Coach, Consultant, and Curriculum Leader

Driven by a passion for curriculum and assessment design, and a firm belief in the power of learning through concepts and coaching, I highly value the process of co-creating transformative experiences that align with the unique needs, contexts, and goals of each school I partner with. Let's connect and unlock the full potential of your learning community. 

What Can('t) We Do, Together?

Learning is a social process: I focus on partnerships so that what we do responds to your context and meets your goals

Coaching by Design

I build step-by-step plans for coaching that are tailor-made for your context and goals.

Let's plot pathways to better coaching and greater impact in your learning community. Great coaching fosters a culture of continuous improvement and collective efficacy, but it doesn't happen by accident. Mapping the journey ahead is key - no matter where you are now. 

Coaching Behaviours

I demystify coaching moves and language so that everyone has access and coaching comes alive among your faculty and students.  Coaching can be the edge needed to leverage the great teaching and learning that exists in your school - so why shouldn't teachers and students learn coaching moves, too? 

Coaching Support

I coach the team - coaches + school leaders - throughout their coaching journey.

Whether you're setting up for success, reenergising coaching efforts, or enhancing coaching culture, I help bring clarity to the roles and responsibilities we have to make coaching a high-value source of professional learning in your community. 

Thinking, Creating, Trying it out

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