Coaching Approaches

A mash-up of my go-to coaching approaches - melding similarities and examples.  I always start from a Cognitive Coaching lens, zooming in to one of these approaches in response to the teacher's needs. 


This resource has been very helpful when working with fellow coaches and school leaders as a place to examine how we coach in our roles, and why.

Example Coaching Feedback Form

Thinking about asking for end-of-year feedback from teachers?  Here is the form I circulated last year as a first attempt at gleaning some feedback on my coaching from faculty. It's really simple and open-ended, but I find it helps to have something to pick apart, rather than start from scratch so I hope it is of help! 


This year my form will be more specific, reflecting the goals I set for this academic year...which grew out of the feedback I received as a result of this form!

Honouring different thinking

Working with teams is tough: sometimes our teams are all so aligned we agree on everything, seeing things through the same eyes.  Sometimes we are so polarised, it's hard to believe we are even looking at the same thing. 


Appointing a devil's advocate when thinking through ideas is a great way to enrich the conversation, making a safe, constructive space for differences of opinion that exist within the team, or alternatively ensuring all angles have been considered before moving ahead.

The Thinking Collaborative has a great, simple protocol for utilising a devil's advocate in team discussions that rotates the role through all members of the group.  It's particularly effective because the role of nay-sayer is a shared responsibility, meaning each person at some point during the discussion must extend their thinking and explore alternatives to their own ideas or beliefs.

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